Education launches intelligent robot livestock Esprit

In the name of God
Welcome to the Esprit's education software startup Hvhshmnd livestock.
Download robot stubble off Kellens

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Please note, you can get all your questions and problems of Tryqnzrat in the current track.

Education launches intelligent robot livestock Esprit

1. Animal Sprite Software's open.


2. Now let's give root access.

Dummy prite_Clashshop_2

3. Click Start to start the program.

Dummy prite_Clashshop_3

4-Good Animal sprite Welcome to the program. Now we have to make sure your user interface, which is referred to click this icon:

Dummy prite_Clashshop_4

5 - Here, you have the animal robot system Sprite, sign up!

Dummy prite_Clashshop_5

6 - Here Enter the required information and click on Register to complete the registration.

***** Very important: the (Invite Code Optional) number enter

7. Now if your membership has been successfully completed, you can enter your user profiles wash, so here username and password entered on the Register button and then click Login

Dummy prite_Clashshop_7

8-purchase was successful and your account was added to the time purchased. Now click Run, and enter the robot game Kellens stubble wash off.

Dummy prite_Clashshop_12

9 - Launch was successful and now you can enjoy the program without Qty:

Dummy prite_Clashshop_13

Now you can do the necessary adjustments to the robot and enjoy the game.


Features DummySprite:

Total auto Emory resources

Automatic dunite soldiers

Search Auto Village with specific resources

Adjustable gold for attack

Adjustable panacea for attack

Adjustable Dark panacea for attack

Choose a Town Hall level adjustable to attack


Setup Tutorial DummySprite:

First, post the link to download and install the program.

Sign root access to the program manager.

F Kellens wait for the robot to recognize your DummySprite stubble game and then press run.

Now press the registry options and enroll in the program. (You do not need to write something on the invite code)

Once you have registered and run back to the first screen button to activate the robot.

Note: robot needs to work to root your phone.

Note: As you know, the robot normally only active for 2 hours for free for you and then have to buy Stand-by program to be enabled on your robot, as you know of crack version of No, but we've training Brnamkh by which the robot can permanently and use for free.

Using permanent and free of Bot DummySprite:

Education in this way is that after the end of the second hour of the program by the account you were made to re-create a new account to be activated in 2 hours and so the action plan for you. But how to create a new account?

1. The setteing (Settings) on your android phone.

2.vard option apps manager (settings) up.

3.brnamh DummySprite find and enter the wash.

4.gzynh clear data (data deletion) button.

5.hala DummySprite re-enter the program and the re-registration training. For this tutorial use the next time.

Note: Do not update to a newer version of the robot in any case every 24 hours only, you can create an account.

Setting Software Videos straw


At first, your mobile phone software kingo root root

Ruth Android software download

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Download download with direct link   The installation file

Volume Size: 20 MB
Prerequisite Prerequisite: Android 2.3 and higher

Extension Format: A PK

Prerequisite   Need to Ruth : Yes

password Password: Password not for the welfare of users
Aynvayt code: